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Refractive Lens Exchange is an operation on your eye where your natural lens is taken out and a soft artificial lens is put in its place. Different types of artificial lens can be used. The advantage of this operation is that you can be free of glasses for near, mid range and distance vision. 

Different lenses used include trifocal and extended depth of focus lenses which allow for various ranges of focus for near, intermediate and distance vision. The choice of lens for you is very personal and important. Measurements, called biometry, are offered to ascertain the needs for each individual eye. Mr Mitry has advised hundreds of people on personal lens choice including athletes, scientists, artists, and accountants. These people have very different and individual eyesight requirements and had very successful surgery. 

The operation is done while you are awake. Local anaesthetic is used to numb your eye and the operation is painless. You can go home straight after the operation and recovery takes no more than a couple of days. You will have to use eye drops for a few weeks.